Friday, October 3, 2014

Everyday Outfit Too Much Velvet

So I am learning a few things taking pics of my daily outfits. The first thing is that I really need to add a little bit of colour! I do own a little bit of red and purple. I swear! The second thing is that I wear a lot of velvet! Maybe too much velvet? Is that really possible? To own too much velvet?  Hmmm...

Today I am wearing: 

Crushed Velvet blazer by Rocket Dog
Distressed sweater (thrifted)
Crushed velvet tiered skirt 
Cut out Docs
Dracula necklace 

And here is a shot of my adorable Beagle. She was sitting in front of the door so I couldn't leave. 


  1. What an adorable little dog. and you can never wear too much velvet. You look fantastic

    1. Thanks so much Silvie. She is always underfoot. :)