Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween At Home

Today I am joining the Curious Professor Z by completing the October homework assignment. The assignment is to show how you decorate and celebrate Halloween at home. 

Every year it seems my Haloowen decorating gets bigger and bigger. And yet I still have plans to add more next year! I spent the day decorating and sorting through boxes of Halloween goodies. The only task left to do is carve the pumpkins. But I am saving that for Halloween day.

Here is the front door and walkway. I have added more lights this year. 

Here is the foyer. The bats stay up all year. I added the skeleton to the bench and added a wreath to the mirror. The teddy bear belonged to my son when he was little. And the pumpkin costume was my son's first Halloween costume. He was adorable in it. 

Here is the Living Room. The ceramic ghost belonged to my mother. I had a pumpkin that lit up from her also. But after all our moves over the years it has gone missing. I hope to collect some vintage Halloween in the future. 

The ugly doll did belong to my son. (He has a huge collection of them) But I have claimed the bat as my own. 

The addition to this table was the beanie babies that also used to belong to my son when he was little. He is almost 17 now. 

And I made a Halloween tree out of some branches in a vase and some skull lights. 

The dining room table and dresser have been dressed up as well. 

And a little bit in the kitchen too. 

And even the washroom gets a little festive touch. 

For more information about this month's homework assignment visit the Professor's Blog:


  1. Your Halloween display is awesome! This is inspiring me to step up my Halloween game ;)

  2. Your house looks wonderful! Very festive indeed :)

  3. My favourites are your 'Something Wicked' sign and those last two crow pictures!

    You have so many wonderful decorations, I'm embarrassed to post about the few things I'll be able to find to decorate with this year. I may fail the Professor's assignment! LOL

    1. Thanks so much. Its interesting that a lot of people don't realize the quote is from Shakespeare. It is a good conversation starter.

    2. I did not know that ... I always thought it was from the Ray Bradbury book! :)

    3. Haha! It's from Shakespeare's Macbeth.
      "By the pricking of my thumbs,
      Something wicked this way comes"

      And I love Ray Bradbury. I'm still looking for a good edition of The Halloween Tree.

  4. There are so many aspects of this post that I love-love-love! Your home is filled with so many amazing details.

    First, I chuckled at your description of the bats staying up all year. I guess we do have to emphasize such details :D

    Your walkway is amazing. I like how you've made a little graveyard that the trick-or-treaters have to walk by.

    I like how your decorations include some of your mother's. That little ghost is precious. When I was a child my parents threw Halloween parties and they had a skeleton candle that dripped blood. I have inherited him and he comes with many happy memories.

    Happy Halloween!

  5. OH MY GAWDS! I love it! I have the same snow globe and Mom had the same ceramic ghost. Your house is amazing!!!

  6. OMG, your house is amazing! I wish it was Halloween!