Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween Wreath

Here is a sneak peek at my Hallowen decorating so far this year. I will post more pictures of the house towards the end of the month though. I decided I needed a nice wreath on my big mirror in the entryway. I purchased everything I needed for this wreath from the dollar store for a grand total of $10.  The dollar store always has a fantastic selection this time of year. I really only stopped in for more black roses to put in a vase but I came home with bags and bags of goodies! 

Here is what I used to make this wreath:

-Wire wreath with a few black flowers on it
-black and purple roses
-black feather boa
-two rolls of ribbon (one skulls and one spiderwebs)
-bag of small plastic skulls
-1 roll of mechanics wire (borrowed from my husband)

First I wrapped the wire wreath with the feather boa and added the purple Flowers on top of it. 

Next, we drilled small holes into the plastic skulls and poked the wire through them in order to attach them to the wreath. 

Last, I wired some ribbon bows on and added a loop at the top in order to hang it over the star mirror. 

And here is the finished look. The wreath hangs just above Jack Skellington on the bench. A perfect entryway for Halloween! 

And just in time ...