Saturday, November 15, 2014

Anne Rice in Toronto!

Today I had a great day in Toronto at the Inspire Book Fair. I was lucky enough to meet Anne Rice for the first time. She was in Toronto in order to promote her new book The Prince Lestat. I was a bit  surprised by the relatively small crowd for such a famous author. But the book fair is brand new so I think it just wasn't properly advertised. For a first year, the book fair seemed pretty organized. The only problem was not enough signage about how to get an autograph. Most people were not aware that you had to purchase a book at the show in order to get in line for an autograph. The only reason I knew this in advance was the small posting on the Facebook page. Lucky for me though, I hadn't bought Prince Lestat yet. So I purchased Prince Lestat today and brought in a special edition of Interview With the Vampire from home for Anne to sign. 

The line for autographs was very long but it did move quickly. Anne was very charming and friendly with everyone who was waiting. She also had a short interview and Q&A on the main stage. She talked a lot about what it would be like for immortals to live in a time of social media and paparazzi. A very interesting subject indeed! I am looking forward to reading the new book to find out what happens. 

I also stopped by the Horror Writers Association and spoke to Sephera Giron about her new books from Samhain publishing. The HWA is sponsoring an upcoming Horror Convention in Atlanta, Georgia in May of this year. They had a great display and I wished I could have bought lots of books from them. I briefly spoke to Nancy Kilpatrick but I did not get a picture with her today so I am including an older picture from Fan Expo this summer with her.  Nancy Kilpatrick is known as the Anne Rice of Canada. She has several fantastic vampire books including the Power of the Blood series and several Vampire Anthologies. It's always a pleasure to speak to them both. 

What I'm wearing:

Black and red velvet dress by Black Orchid Designs
Black brocade corset by Black Orchid Designs
Knee high Docs


  1. Oooh Anne Rice! Nancy Kilpatrick is a wonderful lady :) I love your outfits. I really should move to Toronto :)

  2. Thanks so much. Yes you should definitely move to Toronto! We have all the fun. Nancy Kilpatrick is lovely. I wish I had the chance to speak with her more today but it just wasn't in the cards. However I do see her often and have lots of her books. I saw lots of friends today. The Horror world is small indeed. I see the same people all the time.

  3. I like your outfits, I don't think I had heard of Nancy, I shall look her up! I long to meet Anne Rice!

  4. I love your dress with the lace up boots.