Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Daily Commute: Mid-Month Status Report

Well it's officially winter again in Southwestern Ontario. The snow has started and it probably won't stop again until next March. When it looks like a winter wonderland outside all I want to do is hibernate and read and sew. Unfortunately I still have to go to work four days a week. And that means braving the weather and snowy or icy roads. When I left for work yesterday it was -10C outside! It has been unseasonably cold and snowy this week and it looks a lot like January outside instead of November. 

I started a new job back in the summer at a local fabric shop. One of the main reasons I took the job is that it is literally a 5 minute drive to work. I love the convenience and the store is a nice place to work. The staff is great and so are the customers. I call it my "fun" job because I spend most of the day talking to customers about their sewing projects. 

I normally drive my Toyota Venza to work and back. It's good on gas and very good in the snow and ice.

My travel companions are The Count, The Ugly Doll Bat, and Zombi.  My coworkers laugh and say they can easily tell which car belongs to me. 

Since I am not in the car for long, I usually throw on my wool Melton Cape to go work. It's nice and warm on cold days like today. In fact I think I should make another one with a hood this winter!

What I'm Wearing:
Wool Melton Cape
Velvet top- made by me
Crushed velvet tiered skirt- thrifted
Cut out Docs
Crochet Beret- Meow in Guelph

This Cape is so easy to make that you don't even need a pattern. Simply purchase two yards of a good quality wool Melton that looks the same on both the right and wrong sides. Lay it out lengthwise and round off the square edges by the selvages. 

Fold the fabric in half to find the centre and cut about two inches off the fold to the centre mark. Be sure to round the edges instead of making straight cuts. 

The last step is to fold the edges in about a 1/2 inch and top stitch all around. This makes a very clean edge and looks good from both sides. 

So that is my commute. It is supposed to be a very cold winter this year so I am extremely grateful for my short trip to work! To check out other blogs and their commutes be sure to stop by This Is Corpgoth for the mid-month status report. 


  1. Your cape is great and your cute little friends must be good company, how nice to have such a short commute! Working in a fabric shop sounds nice!

  2. That's sounds like you have a wonderful job, and your cape looks as though it will keep you snugly warm

  3. Almost everybody who participated in Mid month Status Report had long and time-taking distances. I almost envy you. :D That cape is really nice, looks a tiny bit like bat's wings, love it!