Friday, November 14, 2014

Fashion Inspiration: Stevie Nicks

The first time I fell in love with Stevie Nicks and her fashion style was when I watched the music video "Gypsy" on MTV in the early 80s. Every time that video came on I was mesmerized by her spinning on the edge of the cliff with a gorgeous shawl. I wanted to be her! I loved everything about her style. The shawls, leg warmers and boots, top hats, and long romantic dresses. The first time I saw her was long before the Internet so the only photos I had of her were from magazines or the photography on her album covers. Actually, I think she is the reason I became obsessed with victorian and romantic clothes when I was a teenager! I would search the thrift stores when I was young looking for clothes exactly like hers. Oh wait...I still do!

And one of the most endearing things about her is that her style is timeless. Her wardrobe has evolved and gotten better with time but her unique fashion style has never changed over the years. I have seen her referred to as the godmother of goth before. And I completely agree. Along with a few other ladies, she influenced the Romanti-Goth style that I love. Gothic, Bohemian, or witchy style.  Whatever you want to call her, she is a timeless style icon. And looking through all these gorgeous photos of her again just makes me want to wear all those romantic clothes like she wears all the time! So what if it's completely impractical most of the time? It's so pretty!

And I love her music also. I have most of her albums with Fleetwood Mac and also the solo ones. The best of Fleetwood Mac CD gets a lot play time. I've never seen them in concert though. Hopefully my Hubby will splurge on some tickets on a future tour. At least I hope so!


  1. Her fashion is amazing, I have found her inspiring for quite some time! I wish I could get my hands on some of her clothes in my size!

  2. Finding those antique shawls are practically impossible now. I have only ever found one and it was in green and had a $500 price tag. That is so not my colour or price range! Lol but thank goodness I can sew and make replicas.

    1. Ah yes I have trolled the web for antique shawls, the prices make me cry!

    2. Trawled, not trolled, what am I thinking! Lol! Must be the heat!