Sunday, November 30, 2014

Homework Assignment: Our Babies

This month's homework assignment from The Curious Professor Z is to show off our babies. Both of the human and furry variety. 

My first baby is not really a baby anymore. My son turned seventeen yesterday. Time flew by and now he is all grown up and much taller than I am. He is very into music and plays the guitar and the drums. He still loves video games, magic cards, and mountain biking also. He can play just about any song on the guitar now and we just bought him a new Bass guitar for his birthday. He is into Metal and Hardcore Punk.  Our house is always filled with music.

Alex was only about two years old in this photo. We are in an old train in Washington State. I think it was 1999?

This was one of the first Fan Expos we went to. We have gone every year since. Alex has been to a ton of Horror Conventions also. He has met a lot of celebrities over the years including Alice Cooper, Bruce Cambell, and Robert Englund.

Here we are Mountain Biking at Blue Mountain. He is a fantastic cyclist and was riding downhill trails really young. He is a much better mountain biker than I am. 

Here we are at a car show a few years ago. That's my hubby in the middle and our 71 Camaro SS behind us. My husband and I go to a lot of car shows in the summer but it's rare we have the whole family including Bella in the car.  And I rarely wear pants much less shorts! 

This was our first concert together. We went to see Def Leppard and Heart. Since then we have taken Alex to see Megadeath, Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Billy Talent, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, and Motley Crüe together. Not to mention all the metalcore concerts he's gone to with friends. He is so spoiled!

On our way to another concert...

This was his first guitar. He was so happy that day! 

And this was taken in Cuba last year. He was almost 16 then. 

And here he is yesterday with his new Bass guitar. 

And this is my fur baby. Her name is Bella. Bella the Beagle. She is one spoiled and pampered pooch. But she is so cute we can't help it. I will only admit this one time that she is named after a certain character in a certain vampire book series. But then those dreadful movies came out and spoiled the books for me.  If you were to ask me again who she is named after, I would say Bela Lugosi because his name could never be spoiled for me.   

And here they are together... 

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  1. Your fur baby is so cute!~ Ever since someone mentioned the connection I keep wondering if Miss Swan was named after Mr Lugosi. It is cool you took your son to all those conventions and concerts!

  2. I cant wait to take my son to conventions! You sound like an awesome mom! Your furbaby is adorable too

  3. Aw, Happy Birthday to your son! It must be so wonderful to have music played by your own kid filling your home. And Bella is adorable!