Sunday, November 30, 2014

I've been tagged! The Blogvember Challenge

Thank you Sylvie at Little Corp Goth Girl for tagging me in the Blogvember challenge!

This month's questions are: 

What is the best thing about blogging?

For me the best part about blogging is being able to put my thoughts to paper so to speak. I am new to having a fashion and sewing blog but I have been writing for years about Horror Movies over on a website called under the pen name Monster Mary. Even though I loved writing about my favourite movie genre, the articles weren't really all that personal. Sure my top tens were my personal favourite top ten movies of whatever movie list I was making at the time, however being a Horror Geek is only one small part of my personality or interests. With this new blog that is more personal I can explore any topic or interest that comes to mind. I find that very liberating! Now this doesn't mean that I won't still write a review now and then on my own movie blog, Monster Mary's Little Blog of Horror.  In fact this blog has inspired me to write more than ever before. This blog has opened up a whole new world in which I can express all my crazy creative thoughts in one place. And I am very grateful for all the wonderful people I have met recently through other blogs. I have found a very welcoming and supportive community in the blogs I follow regularly. 

What makes my blog special?

I'm not sure I'm comfortable saying my blog is "special" in any way. The word special seems to imply that one blog is better than another. I think I will just use the term "unique" instead. What makes my blog unique is what makes me unique. My friends and family constantly tell me I have strange and unusual taste. I like Gothic and Victorian fashion, Sewing, Classic Horror and Fantasy Movies, Heavy Metal and Gothic Rock Music, Mountainbiking, Classic Cars, Decorating and Crafts, Blogging and Writing, and reading a lot of Horror and Fantasy Books, Graphic Novels, or Gothic Literature. If that isn't a mixed bag of interests then I don't what is. 

How will my blog look in a year?

In the next year I plan to post more sewing and craft tutorials. This is something I have always wanted to do. I'm not sure if people are interested in posts about sewing but we shall see! I would also love to talk more about movies, fashion inspiration, and even the car shows I attend in the summer. I have very eclectic taste to say the least. 

Which was my best post?

My most popular post according to Blogger right now is Halloween at Home. However my personal favourite post is Anne Rice in Toronto. Because...well that was the day I met Anne Rice! I definitely had a fangirl moment when I met her. 

What other blogs or bloggers inspire me?

I read a lot of different blogs. Everything from movies and fashion to historical fashion and sewing blogs. They are all inspiring! 

Favourite Fashion Blog: Sophistique Noir
Favourite Movie Blog: Fascination With Fear
Favourite Goth Blogs: Little Corp Goth Girl and The Curious Professor Z
Favourite Historical Fashion Blog: Madame Modiste Historic Costumes
Favourite Film Fashion Blog and Podcast: Frock Flicks
Favourite How To Blog: GIY Goth it Yourself 

My three nominees are:

Both photos are from Pinterest. 


  1. oh cool! I didnt know you had a horror movie blog. I am following you there now too!

  2. Tutorials are really great! And yes, so many interesting and lovely people in the blog world, and very supportive too!

  3. TAGAROONIO! Ok, I'll get right to this early this week when my homwork assignment is over. :)

    1. And thanks for the shout out. :D You're the bomb! (((HUGS)))