Thursday, November 6, 2014

Is Nu Goth dead already?

Every Wednesday night I take my son to his guitar lessons.  Lucky for me there is a thrift store right next to the music store. So I get a little thrift shopping in exchange for shuttling him around for lessons. This last visit the racks were full of lovely black gothic clothes. More than I normally find. 

So it made me wonder does this mean that the nu goth fashion trend is over aleady? Over before it even really started? You see I live in an university town where the young girls just follow the latest fashion trend whatever it may be. I don't think they even cared or realized that they were copying goth fashion recently. It was just another look at the mall for them.  Now that's it's over they will move on to the next trend that the magazines and mall stores are pushing. And like most fashion trends recently, it was here and gone in a single season. This is good news for those of us that wear black all the time and don't follow fashion. It means there good bargains to be found! I'm sure we made a few new converts in the process though. And to those girls that stayed goth after the fashion trend is long dead I say welcome to the darkside ladies! 

But anyways back to the thrift shopping... The stores are full of goodies right now! Get out there and shop to your hearts content in velvet, lace, and skulls at bargain basement prices. Or at least until your wallet can't take anymore. For the next few months you will find me at the local Goodwill and Value Village perusing the racks!


  1. Ooh! I didn't realise Goth clothes were 'in', I must have looked so trendy!! Ha!

    I will be checking out all my local charity shops at the weekend, thanks for the tip off! :)

  2. Ah good point! I will have to do some scouring ;D yay cheap clothes!