Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mourning Glory Designs Facebook Page

I have a new Facebook page for my blog! I will easily admit that Facebook is not my favourite social media website but it does serve a purpose. I am able to follow all of my favourite websites, blogs, and people easily from one website. However I really do hate the way they filter and change what you are able to see on your feed. I wish they just showed me everything instead of deciding what I want to see for me. But on the other hand I follow some fantastic people on there and see things first on Facebook sometimes so I do check it daily. 

I also have a facebook page called The Gothic Society of Ontario that I run with a good friend. We post local Ontario events that the Goth community would find interesting. Everything from craft shows, movie nights, book fairs, and anything else that might be worth attending. I don't normally post night club events on there though because The Toronto Goth FB page already has that covered. I also try to post interesting articles or pictures when I find them. If you are interested in either page, here are the links...

Mourning Glory Designs:

Gothic Society of Ontario:

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