Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Sewing Projects Wishlist

Another year has come and gone. Every year I look back and wish I had accomplished more sewing and craft projects. This year is going to be different! This year I am going to make some goals that I can easily accomplish by staying focused and getting organized. 

 I think the key to getting more projects finished this coming year would be to organize my sewing space. This means organizing my basement and setting up a proper sewing space down there. I have been working on my dining room table for a long time now. And that means packing everything away constantly. My husband recently set up shelves to organize my fabric stash in the basement and I love it! I can finally see all my fabrics, notions, and patterns in one spot. The next step is to set up a sewing table so that my machines can stay out permanently. And a work light so I can see what I'm working on.  I've set up sewing rooms in previous houses but not at this house yet. And this house has the perfect space for it. Unfortunately I have to sort through boxes of extra stuff from previous houses in order to get it ready. This is something I have been dreading. But it's time for out with the old and in with the new! 

I am a Romanti-Goth at heart. I would dress in Victorian splendour every day of the week if I could. However modern life just does not agree with my love of velvets, lace, and brocade. It's not always practical and besides that I love to mix in a few Rockabilly dresses in the summer. If you're wondering what my dream wardrobe would be or what the perfect wardrobe for a Romanti-Goth would look like just have a look at my list below. 

Here are my top ten sewing projects that have been swimming in my head for months (or years) now:

1) A new winter coat- I would actually like to make two winter coats this year. One will be a black velvet flocked damask made from Simplicity 1732 with a purple satin lining. I'm starting with this coat because I think it would go perfectly with everything. I will most likely use view A with View B's sleeves. I already have the fabric so this will be my first big project of the year. 

And the other coat I want to work on is a crushed black velvet with a red satin lining using Butterick 5824 by Gertie. I've loved this pattern since it first came out. Black crushed velvet would look amazing and would go with everything. This pattern would also be stunning in Leopard as well.

2) Stretch velvet tops- velvet tops in all shapes, sizes, and colours. I used to make velvet tops all the time in the early 2000s and 90s. I need to make some new ones this year. I start with a basic bodice pattern such as Butterick 3344 view C and then I draft all sorts of different sleeves onto it. Mostly I draft gothic bell sleeves and add lace trim to them. Mixing velvet and and lace is really pretty too. 

3) Steampunk pattern Simplicty 2172 jacket and skirt in black.  I've cut this jacket and skirt out already in a black stretch jacquard. I just have to get started on it now. I want to add lace and velvet trim to it as well. 

An interesting side note is that Dracula Clothing has an almost identical jacket. They make it in several colours. It's very pretty and romantic. 

4) A victorian bustle skirt in black satin and lace. McCalls 7071 and Simplicty 1819 will work perfectly for a bustle skirt. I would love to make the jacket from McCalls pattern as well. 

5) A Morticia skirt. I've made this skirt many many years ago when I was younger and slimmer. I'm not sure how it will look on me now but I do remember lovingly the long line that it gave me. I certainly don't have Morticia's figure but I think I can still pull it off. Butterick 5270 works well for a long fit and flare skirt. It's an oldie but a goodie. I wish I had bought more of the 90s Essence patterns from Butterick. They were all very gothic. 

6) Velvet and lace shrugs. I made a lace shrug a few months ago and I love it. I need to make more. I used Simplicty 1819 for this one but McCalls 6911 would be nice in a stretch satin. 

7) Rockabilly dresses in fun prints for the summer. I made a few dresses last summer out of fun novelty prints and I really enjoyed wearing them. The sweetheart sundress in Gertie's book turned out really pretty in a Skully print. 

Here are some of the cotton prints I already have for next summer...

8) A Slouchy Hippie purse in black velveteen or novelty prints. This should be a quick project and make great gifts for friends also. I love big purses and this one looks like it would hold all my stuff nicely. A few pockets on the interior will help keep it slightly organized. 

9) Short stretch velvet or knit dresses for the early spring and summer. I love this pattern and it looks a a nice one for hot summer days. 

10) Victorian Capelet in black fur or wool melton lined with satin. It would be perfect for layering in the fall and early spring. This McCalls 6818 includes a little Capelet as well as a gorgeous jacket that laces up the back. 


Photos are all from Pinterest, McCalls, Simplicity, Butterick, Dracula Clothing, and Gertie's Blog For Better Sewing. 


  1. Nice stash of fabrics, Mary! I can hardly wait to see your projects. :)

  2. OH YES!!! :) I'm about to break out my sewing machine -- I'm ITCHING to make some new stuff. Are you on Pinterest? Here's my future sewing project board:

    Yup, I can't wait to see your finished products. WAHOO!

    1. Yes I am. Pinterest is so addictive but I love it!

  3. Sigh, I used to wear nothing but Romantigoth type things. I miss the days when I could somehow survive wearing velvet in summer! These days I am mostly wearing more comfy things, but I keep a few lacy things on hand! I still want to do something similar to mark 9, the Arkivestry pattern, with a more pronounced scallop at the bottom as a faery skirt!

  4. That pattern would be perfect for a fairy dress. It is actually an overdress that is open down the front. I'm going to make it with a closed front seam but it would look good open for a fairy top.

  5. Oh wow, those are some pretty impressive patterns!