Sunday, December 7, 2014

Infinity Scarf With a Twist

Make a soft and cuddly Infinity Scarf for Christmas this year. They are a perfect gift for a loved one or you can just make one for yourself! This version of an Infinity Scarf is made from just a half meter of each fabric. They are super easy to make and inexpensive also. 

You will need:

-Half a metre of 60" wide light weight knit or stretch chiffon. 
-Half a metre of 60" wide velvet panne, stretch velvet, or velour. 
-serger or sewing machine with zig zag stitch
-matching thread
-straight pins

First straighten edges of fabric if needed. Lay out fabric and measure. Cut one length of 60" x 20" of each fabric. It is possible to use a 45" wide fabric but you will have to purchase 1 2/3 yards length instead of a half metre. 

Next place the two fabrics right sides together and serge or zig zag the two long 60" sides. You will have a 60" long tube when done. 

Here comes the twist! Lay out the serged tube and twist in the middle so that all the raw edges are together. Be sure to twist so that one side is velvet and one side is knit. 

The next step is a little tricky but worth the effort. You should have 4 raw edges together at the top. Match up three raw edges. You must leave one edge open to turn and finish by hand. You can serge the three layers together on the machine leaving one edge free to turn. 

This is what it will look like after they are serged together. 

The last step is to turn under that last raw edge and hand stitch it closed using a slip stitch. 

Here is what the finished scarf looks like. You can wear it in a single loop or loop it twice around the neck. I have been wearing this one non stop since I made it. It is soft and warm. They make a perfect winter scarf!

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  1. I love the dragon print design! I can' t think about scarves at the moment, too hot here!