Thursday, January 29, 2015

Homework Assignment: A Quilt in the Making

This month's homework assignment from The Curious Professor Z is all about unfinished craft or sewing projects. Or as I like to call them: UFOs. I have to admit I don't have a whole lot of UFOS which is unusual for a sewing enthusiast. The ones I do have are really really old. I have some unfinished velvet tops from about 10 years ago. But I still might finish them soon and sell them.

However I do have a few unfinished quilt tops. They started out life as baby quilt tops that I was going to sell. And I just never got around to putting the backs on them. 

I pulled them out last week to have another look at them and decided the green and black one had potential to become a larger throw blanket size. I pulled together some some more fabrics from my stash and added more rows to the small quilt I had started.

Here is my progress so far. I still don't have a back on it. But I'm really liking the touch of green in the quilt! 

Which also inspired me to start another quilt top featuring the Mr Chillingsworth Panel from Andover Fabrics. This one will be in black and white. 

But the really interesting thing is that seeing the green in my living room has me thinking that I need to revamp and redecorate my home again! Ahh!...Oh what have I gotton myself into?! 


  1. Gorgeous! I can't wait to see the black and white one, too. :)

  2. I love that green colour in the first one! I can totally see that in paint on a wall. Mr. Chillingsworth is awesome ... had no idea he existed. Too bad I absolutely cannot buy more fabric. :)

  3. Those fabrics are amazing! I must make a nice quilt too. :D Love especially the one with witches and all the skeletons in the last photo!

  4. I absolutely love the fabrics! <3 The one with the witch is great, you are really crafty!

  5. That green one is too cute for words!

    I saw that panel and I'm still heavily considering buying a couple of it-- I've seen some pretty amazing things done with fussy cut blocks of him. I absolutely can't wait to see what you do with him!

  6. UFOs! I'm so stealing this!!! hehehehe ... GAWDS! Those quilts are gorgeous ... you know how much I love that lime green! And with purple?!? FAINT!

  7. What pretty fabrics you turn into amazing quilts! I only made one quilt a year ago but might be inspired to do one again...