Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tea Leaf Reading and Outfit of the Day

Today I had my tea leaves read by a professional reader for the first time. What a lovely experience that was. The room was calm and inviting with candles lit and the tea was hot and delicious. Amy Taylor from The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy has been reading tea leaves for well over 20 years. She reads her clients energy as well as their tea.

My reading was spot on including the fact that I tend to focus too much on doing things for other people instead of taking care of myself. I have heard this before from other psychics. Maybe one day I will learn that lesson! If you are in the Cambridge, Ontario area anytime soon to get a reading by Amy I highly suggest it. 

As for the outfit I wore today, this dress is so comfortable and easy to wear. I love it. It is a design I sell at the store. 

dress: made by me
Shawl: Vintage
Shoes: Thrifted


  1. Getting your tea leaves read sounds like an amazing experience! :) And I love your outfit, you look very beautiful in the photos!

  2. My grandma used to read tea leaves. My uncle went to visit her and she read his leaves. She knew he signed up to fight in WWII! He was there to tell her but the tea leaves predicted it. I saw this outfit earlier on facebook and commented! Gorgeous!

  3. I love your dress and shawl! I would love to have someone read my tea leaves, maybe we could have a tea leaf reading party!