Thursday, August 6, 2015

Closet Cull: Or attempting to organize the Black Closet of Doom.

I've been in the mood to clean and organize lately. Which for me, is a very strange thing indeed! It all started yesterday with laundry and is still not complete yet. I haven't done a complete closet cull in years. I sometimes go through and pull obvious items to go to the Goodwill, but this time was a more involved purge.

*image from Pinterest*

I started with making a few piles. One pile was alter/remake, another was donate, and the third was a trash bag for lost causes. I pulled everything out of the closet and sorted each item into either a pile or back into the closet. This way I actually pulled out everything to reevaluate it before it went back in. 

The alteration/remake pile:

- I actually have major plans for the Christopher Lee shirt pictured but that's another post. Hehe

The donate pile: 

And all the empty hangers I cleared! 

There are a few things I've learned about myself so far. First thing is that I have a thing for novelty tees. I have a million printed black tees with images of bands or horror movie characters. I think I need a novelty tee intervention! They are all fantastic and I didn't get rid of any. But I do plan on repurposing a few of them. The second thing I learned about myself is that I have virtually no colour in my wardrobe. It's very gothic but it's also very drab. I need to add more colour back in. Some purple, red, or burgundy would be nice. And the last thing I learned is that I really, really like velvet. In fact I think I like velvet a little too much. I have velvet tees, tanks, dresses, and even jeans. I love the look and feel of velvet but a little lace, chiffon, or knits would be good too. 

So as you can see I made some good progress but I still have a long way to go because I actually have two closets full of clothes! And I've just fininished the first one. Yikes. 


  1. I've been doing the same with my clothes recently too. It's just so hard to let anything go.

  2. Pssst .... come 'er. *looks around* I have a thing for graphic t-shirts, too. HA! Especially Disney. Great minds and all that jazz.

    I try to do this every Spring before it gets too hot. I tend to wear the same few things to work and after the Spring semester it's quite obvious that they need to go. I have a really hard time letting go of shoes. It's like giving up on your kids or something.

  3. I think it's a great thing to go through your closet and hone in on what you REALLY love or what is just 'meh'. I've learned to let things go and it's hard! Hahahaha!!! Good luck! ;)