Friday, August 7, 2015

Everyday Gothic Wardrobe Essentials

*image from pinterest*

So now that my wardrobe is considerably more streamline, I have started to think about what is missing from my closet and what I wear on a regular basis. In other words what do I really wear every day? Or more specifically what do I WANT to wear every day. Which led me to making a list of things I like to wear. 

Keep in mind that this is not a general gothic wardrobe list but what I personally like to wear on an every day basis. My taste is decidedly RomantiGoth so this list is trailered specifically towards that style.  Also, I have a job that I can wear whatever I like within reason and good taste so I don't have to tone things down. I tend to dress a little old fashioned most of the time and compared to some of my friends wardrobes I'm probably a little boring. Keep in mind I am quite a bit older than they are too so I dress like an Eldergoth. For special occasions I love to wear Victorian Goth dresses and up the wow factor a little bit. Occasionally I also wear Rockabilly dresses, especially in the heat of the summer. 

So here is a list of my go to wardrobe basics:

- basic tank tops or shells for layering
- black lace tees in long and short sleeve
- shrugs in soft knit, velvet, or lace. 
- shawls in lace or sweater weight knits
- black novelty tees 
- black leggings
- black jeans for casual days
- tights in fishnet, lace, stripes, brocades, and of course basic black
- short flared skirts (circle skirts are the most flattering)
- Hi/Low skirts to show off the boots
- bell sleeved tops
- long Morticia skirts
- high heeled laced up boots (victorian granny boots)
- black low boots (I prefer Doc Martens)
- Winter Velvet Coat
- large bag for make up and other essentials 
- Large hat and black parasol for summer
- black strappy low sandals for the summer
- fit and flared dresses in various lengths and fabrics
- belts or corsets to accent the waist
- fingerless arm warmers for winter (cut the fingers off vintage gloves for summer)

So that is my basic capsule wardrobe. On top of that I add special pieces like formal dresses or novelty dresses. I also have a huge thing for accessories. I collect hats, jewelry, belts, vintage gloves, scarves, and shoes. A shoe post is definitely on my list to do at some point in the future! 

Autumn and Halloween are right around the corner and all this wardrobe planning has me looking forward to my favourite season. Cruising in the Camaro to view all the leaves changing and pumpkin spice lattes and warm apple pie. Yum! I can't wait! 

*image from pinterest*


  1. Really interesting for advice. I love some of the outfits you wear and make.I think your taste is interesting, and not boring. Personally, my tastes are exceptionally somber.

  2. That is a great idea, to actually list things that you want/need to buy.

  3. I may just "borrow" this list when I move house and do some wardrobe slimlining of my own! Minus the jeans I think I would have a pretty similar list to this! Such a good idea.

  4. When I did my move to Texas I purged over half my wardrobe, which shocks me because I have never been one to seriously purge my closet... it feels a bit empty now... Perhaps I'll take your lead and really assess what I should replenish. I haven't given it much thought since getting here, mostly because my outfits the past few weeks have just been a t-shirt, hah!

  5. I really like your wardrobe posts! It is smart to analyze what style one really likes and how much of the clothes are hardly ever used. I think many other goths including me should do this too from time to time. I confess I sometimes buy clothes I really am not going to use. >_>

  6. that is a great quote!

    I started reading this list and hand to stop because I wanted it alllll! You are such a bad influence on me! ;)