Saturday, August 29, 2015

Everyday Outfit: Sister of the Moon

Today was a super full moon in Pisces. Since Pisces rules the emotions we are supposed to be able to work on and release any unwanted emotional baggage or unwanted habits during this full moon in order to move on to a better place in our lives. There are lots of things I need to work on in my life but the main objective for this full moon is to let go of procrastination in my creativity. Sometimes it's just a matter of making a To-Do list and sticking to it! I really need to get more organized and say good bye to stress sewing. Ha! So my new mantra is Just Do It! 

Every month on the full moon I can't help thinking of this classic Fleetwood Mac song "sisters of the moon" check out the video here.

What I wore today: 

Beaded sheer top: Mexx
Purple Cami: Smart Set
Beaded gypsy skirt: thrifted
Fringed Shawl: thrifted
Purple Rosary: The Gift Crypt


  1. You look awesome! i wish I had such a great wardrobe!

  2. WOnderful outfit! And I love your batty background.