Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Goth Day at the Beach!

How do Goths arrive at the beach in style? Why of course they drive custom hearses! We pulled up to the sunny beach in in Wasaga, Ontario in vintage hearses. These beautiful old hearses do seem to get quite a bit of attention! A few onlookers stopped to ask us if we were filming a movie. Nope, it's just the local Ontario hearse club called Black Widow Hearse Club!

We found a spot on the beach and set up quickly. It was pretty easy to spot our group in a crowd with all the black parasols. We managed to create some nice shade for ourselves. 

In case you were wondering what Goths wear to the beach. The answer is black, black, and more black! We also added some fabulous custom sunglasses from Black Orchid Designs and topped it off with black lipstick of course. 

I seem to be the only one breaking the colour code with my black and red 50s style playsuit and huge red sun hat. I made it custom for beach day because I've always wanted to make one. So I took advantage of goth beach day and created exactly what I wanted. I used a cotton Halloween spider print and accented with red. know I'll wear it again soon though. 

Most of the time we enjoyed the local scenery and hid from the burning day star under our parasols. We piled on the 100 SPF sun block to avoid the dreaded tan or worse the lobster red burn. Large sun hats also helped. 

Here is Scary Kerri under her vintage parasol that is customized with bats. She is so very pretty dressed all in black lace and a sheer cover up. 

We did venture out for a swim also. Here is the beautiful Miss E in a black vintage 40s swimsuit and matching swim cap heading out to the water. She looks like a famous silver screen actress in that suit! 

But then the clouds started rolling in. We all seemed to enjoy the beach more once the sun wasn't so brite. Ha! However, there was a huge storm brewing over the water and it was headed straight for us. We packed up and had just enough time to finish a very impressive sand sculpture featuring the Hearse Club logo. 

It seems that when the Goths show up at the beach, we bring the apocalypse with us! A Tornado touched down in a nearby town soon after this photo was taken. It was a long wet drive back home but it was so worth the fun! Thanks so much to Nicole from New Girl in Toronto for all the wonderful photos. 


  1. OH. MY. GAWDS!!! THIS. IS. SO. AWESOME!!!!! First of all, the hearses are killer. HA! Get it? Secondly, you folks look amaze-balls with awesome sauce! The playsuit came out beautifully! And Miss E's bathing suit is divine!

  2. Thanks we had a great time. Our friend Paul owns two of the hearses pictured. The blue one and the silver one. Wasaga beach is extremely popular and it was so crowded that day. People were trying to sneak and take pictures of us. But if they. just asked permission we would have let them.

    1. UGH! I hate when people sneak pictures! It makes me crazy. The tourists over here think I'm part of a show (or something) and often try to take photos ... I have a big mouth sooooooooo ... it doesn't last long. They get a taste of NYC really fast.

      You have a nice looking group of friends, let me tell you. And you, dear gal, look beautiful.

  3. Love the playsuit, you look gorgeous!! Looks like a great day was had by all. I bet you all turm heads in your amazing hearses.

  4. I love everything about this post - the hearses, the gorgeous clothing, the beautiful sunglasses, the makeup ... all except the tornado part! Eeeeep!