Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cemetery Tea Party

Last Sunday my friends and I celebrated a birthday party in style at one of the oldest cemeteries in the area.  My friend Miss E is incredible at party planning. Everything is always perfect down to the smallest detail! The theme this year was an Occult Tea Party. So we donned our best graveyard outfits and had a great day celebrating with friends. 

It was a little chilly and overcast that day and yet I still managed to get a little bit of a sunburn. Curse you evil daystar! The cups were all hand painted with occult symbols and gothic bats. The tea bags were painstakingly hand made by the birthday girl herself in little coffin shapes and the tea was wonderful and hot thanks to the industrial hot water servers! 

Since the theme was Occult, I figured this was my chance to make an antler headdress! I've always wanted to make one with real antlers and my friend had a set of sun bleached antlers that were perfect for a headdress. The sun bleached ones are a little lighter so they are perfectly suited for a headdress.  I attached the antlers to a headband and then filled in with silk roses and lace. They were actually very comfortable to wear too!

 I also promised some better pictures of my altered Laura Ashley dress. Here it is! I wore a longer petticoat under it as well to fill out the hem. A feathered shoulder wrap made by a friend and silk purse finished off the outfit perfectly. We had a great time and I did Tarot readings for about 6 friends that afternoon too! 


  1. So lovely! And what a neat idea! Were the teabags made from those muslin sachets that you get in a herb store? Does the platforms have little graveyards in them?

    And you look gorgeous -- I love that dress. And you know that antler headpiece is the bomb! :)

    1. Both the teabags and the platforms were made by the birthday girl. She is very creative and talented! She sewed all those little bags herself! I think there were about 70 of them. Geez. The platforms were altered with little graveyards in them. I have no idea how she did it but I need to learn. :)

  2. Beautiful headdress! And the dress! The tea party looks perfect

  3. Stunning outfit, it looks amazing. The whole day looks increably fun

  4. Stunning outfit, it looks amazing. The whole day looks increably fun

  5. Stunning outfit, it looks amazing. The whole day looks increably fun

  6. It seems like a wonderfull day with a lot of well planned details. And your outfit looked like Titania the elven queen!

  7. Awesome party, amazing dress, and fantastic headdress!