Monday, May 9, 2016

Are you a Witch?

So it happened yet again. I met a new girl at work just a few days ago. The first thing she said to me was "Hello". The second thing was "Are you a Witch?". Considering I have been asked this question over and over again my entire life, I just naturally answer yes now. I was not wearing my pentagram necklace that day so I asked her "what makes you ask that?" She answered "your eyes". Technically she is right, I identify as Pagan so I do consider myself a witch. But my coworker who was standing nearby was shocked at her question. She thought it was incredibly rude to just blurt out a question like that. Basically she was asking a very personal question. I normally wouldn't have thought twice about her asking that, but my coworkers reaction to the question made me think it over a little more closely. 

You see, I have been asked that question so many times over my life that I have started to think it's normal. I do realize that the way I dress has a huge effect on people, however in this case it really was a form of discrimination. I have naturally red hair and green eyes. Throughout history redheads with green eyes were thought to be either witches or vampires or both. If I were born 200 years ago I might have been burned at the stake for having red hair. Considering it is 2016 now, it's downright shocking how many people still think that way. Not only have I been asked multiple times if I'm a witch but I can also remember one guy many years ago asking me if I was a Vampire. He said this with a completely straight face. He was serious. As a child, my best friend growing up was terrified of Vampires. She slept with a crucifix above her bed. She actually confessed to me one night at a sleep over that she was worried I was a Vampire and that the crucifix would keep her safe. We were 10 years old! 

So when this new girl blurted out "Are you a Witch?" It didn't shock me. I'm used to it! Unfortunately for her, she had a disaster of a first day at work. She went on to insult at least three other people that day. This is definitely a no-no on your first day at work so she didn't last long at all. In my case, I think she was just excited because she had a pentagram tattoo that she flashed at me also. This meant she was interested in learning the craft. She was definitely a beginner so I gave her a few suggestions of books to read to get her started. 

Did this situation bring back long lost childhood memories that I buried long ago? Yes it did. But! The biggest difference now is that I am comfortable in my own skin. I am proud to be a redhead with green eyes. There aren't that many of us. It means I have Scottish or Irish heritage and that's all. Now that I am older, I own it, I put on my witch hat proudly. Go ahead and ask me if I'm a witch. You might be surprised at the answer! 

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  1. Come to think of it, I never put much stock into either. One of Philip's classmates asked me the same question on Friday. I smiled and said "maybe I am" and pretended to chase him. The kid came running back to give me a huge hug. Red hair and green eyes, what a cool combination

  2. Yep. I had that happen also. Alex was about the same age as your son and one of his friends asked if I was a witch. That was the same week that one of the moms said "so are you supposed to goth mom?" In a very snarky tone. Believe those years when your son is little is filled with people labelling you. But it gets better! The kids loved that I was the cool mom in the high school years. The basement is filled with horror movies for them to watch. They like to hang out at our house. But I can also remember being judged as a mother back then because I let him watch Star Wars and Buffy. So silly!

    1. Wow! Nowadays Star Wars is popular because of the new movies. I am judged because I let him watch Doctor Who. I just stopped caring really. I do what I think is best. I bet if I lived closer and was around your son's age, I would be at your place all the time!

  3. Firstly, I love this post. I learned some historical facts that I didn't know. Secondly, all throughout high school I dyed my hair red and wished my hazel eyes were green and the olive tones in my skin would disappear. Both sides of my family have Irish and Scottish heritage and I wanted to look it, especially when I got involved with the SCA and had an Irish persona. For me, its a little shocking that there were all these prejudices over red hair and red hair and green eyes. And what is really weird about it is that I hear about them in random, strange contexts.

  4. If you're gonna ask somebody if they're a witch, do it in private. Gotta be careful with what your blurt out at work.

  5. I was a redhead as a child but unfortunately my hair went dark when I got older. Still, hopefully my witchy or vampire powers will manifest eventually. Lol.

    I have always seen being a witch as a positive thing, I am always certain that many of the healers that were accused of being witches were feared because of their power as women!