Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How much does social media influence you?

While reading through the blogs I follow I came across an interesting post by Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. She posed the question "Does social media affect what you sew?" The reader responses were really interesting to read through. I follow a lot of sewing blogs regularly but I'm not usually influenced by them because my personal style is so different from the norm. Even though I might not wear what everyone else is making I still enjoy reading through the sewing blogs. I can appreciate their style even though it's different from my own. And they usually have sewing tips that are good to know.

This also got me thinking that I would really love to hear from other Gothic Bloggers how they think about how social media influences them. So I'm posing my own question to you! "How does social media influence you?"  What blogs do you follow regularly? Who's style influences you the most? Are you inspired by Pinterest or maybe someone on YouTube? Are there blogs you follow on a regular basis even though their taste is completely different from your own? Are you influenced to try out a different style that you ordinarily wouldn't wear because it looks great on a another blogger? 

Here are just a few of my favourite social media haunts lately: 

Pinterest- This is the black hole of the Internet. I can spend loads of time on there everyday pinning away! My latest obsession is Dark Mori , Strega Fashion, and Witch Fashion and Boho/Witchy Decor 

YouTube- I follow mostly Tarot readers, Pagans, Mystics, and Occult podcasts on YouTube. Joey Morris and Rune Soup are some of my favourites. As for gothic youtubers, I love The Goblin Queen  (who is also mystical and a tarot reader) and Black Friday because she is cute and funny. 

Instagram- My good friend Madame Absinthe has a new Instagram account. She really is that fashionable and beautiful all the time. 

Blogs- you will find a list of blogs below that I follow regularly. Bloggers do influence me in some ways. But I think we all influence each other. The way we all get excited when the Halloween displays show up in August is just one way. I love that time of year!

So please tell me how social media influences you?

*image above is from Pinterest 


  1. I follow certain goth blogs to get some ideas on fashion, DIY, home decor, and hear about the latest Gothic subculture news. Blogs like The Everyday Goth, GIY, and Coffin Kitsch. I also enjoy watching goth youtubers like Leah Mouse, Toxic Tears, Black Friday, The Goblin Queen, and Adora Batbrat.

  2. I follow other people and get inspired by the stuff they sew. I use patterns I see on them or buy fabrics because I fell in love with other people's creations. So you could say that I'm rather influenced by social media. Although I rather use instagramm and blogger than facebook or pinterest!

  3. I follow alternative models and professional faeries on facebook and I get a lot of inspiration from what they wear. I find it hard to actualise my visions without a little help, I will be like "I want floaty faery gowns" but without much actual idea of how to make/ where to find them.

  4. Professional Faeries? Now there is a job for me! Hehe

  5. I follow a lot of Goth/Punk blogs, retro/vintage blogs ... and history/reenacting blogs. I predominately follow artists, museums, and history professors/institutions on Twitter ... and that's were I've been getting the most inspiration lately. I'm in writing/research mode and getting short tweets about historical stuff or art in my feed is extraordinarily inspiring and helpful.

    Let's just call it: Sophistique Noir. Good grief, I miss her. Chronically Vintage is such an inspiration, too. BANE! We all love Bane.