Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Graveyard Picnic and Tarot

I had a fantastic time this past weekend. I spent Saturday catching up with old friends and doing some Tarot reading for some lovely ladies. A perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday we had an impromptu picnic at the biggest Cemetery in town. The food was fantastic and we all had on beautiful dresses for a summer day. We sure know how to do a picnic the right way! 


  1. Gorgeous outfits! You all look wonderful! I love graveyards, they are so peaceful!

  2. Great idea for a party. I'm decluttering my house and found three sets of tarot cards. These days I only read for myself, but I've had friends ask me. Ha, I also love graveyards. I found a disc from a friend who told hundreds of pictures of a graveyard. I thought I was the only one!