Friday, July 22, 2016

Mad Tea Party: Tea and Tarot


Welcome to my Mad Mad Tea Party! This post is part of a fantastic blog party hosted by A Fanciful Twist. It's a traditional blog hop so please make sure to visit the home page on Fanciful Twist for the links to all the participating blogs!

Welcome to my home, please pull up a chair and have a seat at my Tarot table! I have a nice hot cup of tea ready and waiting for you! 

Today we are using my newest deck, The Wild Unknown Tarot. It's a beautiful handmade deck that I found on the Internet. I love how the artwork really speaks to me. It's simple and powerful. It's full of hand drawn animals and rustic designs. I've laid out a few spreads below using the deck so you can see the artwork in action. 

3 card spread:

7 of cups
Mother of wands (queen of wands)
Ace of swords 

4 card spread: 

The Magician 
The Hanged Man 

And below you can see all of the major arcana laid out all at once. 

And here is what the deck looks like in a Celtic Cross spread. It has become one of my favourite decks already. I've used it for several readings with clients already. 

If you are interested in a tarot reading by me please check out my Etsy store. I've just added a 3 card ($10) and a Celtic Cross ($20) spread on Etsy. 


  1. Hello! What an interesting tarot deck (and I really love your black and white china!!).

    In the meanwhile, My Little Victorienne and Purple Kitty are waiting for a visit from you at my blog! We hope you enjoy your time there!

    Wishing you a wonderful and Mad Tea Party weekend!


  2. Great tarot deck! I love the art. Thank you for sharing them and that gorgeous tea set. Enjoy the weekend and all the parties!

  3. A beautiful deck and a wonderful selection in your etsy store.
    I enjoy card readings and try to practice when I can.
    Please visit me today- I have music

  4. Wonderful!!Thank you so much for your hospitality, Dear ~ I think Tarot is so interesting! Happy Mad Tea-ing!

  5. Wonderful!!Thank you so much for your hospitality, Dear ~ I think Tarot is so interesting! Happy Mad Tea-ing!

  6. SUCH a gorgeous and intriguing deck! I can see how it is your favorite! The tea was magikal!

  7. Awesome party, thanks for posting! I love that you did Tarot too- we did ours afterward and didn't take pictures of it!

  8. Mary! There is nothing I favor more than a magickal gathering of tea time and tarot! Your deck is absolutely mystical! The Wild Uknown deck is on my wishlist! I had such a wonderful time summoning up some whimsical spirits with the ouija board at your party today! I think I can still hear them giggling as they pour themselves some more tea!
    I hope you stop by my party as well!


  9. Wow, what a fantastic Tarot deck! I love the little ouija board with your black and white tea set, too. It all looks very intriguing! Cheers, Sarah

  10. I know nothing about tarot cards, but I do know a little about art, and the illustrations are lovely.

    Happy Mad Tea Party!
    Ricki Jill

  11. I love your owl tea pot---super cute!

  12. Happy unbirthday to the Tarotcards...sorry i´m late but my computer cracked down.

  13. Awesome tarot tea party!! The table looks amazing with different tarots. Recently threw my friends a tea party at event venues Chicago. Had lovely floral arrangements. For invitation had handmade cards that were really appreciated by all.