Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kat Von D Serpentina Review

So I just couldn't resist picking up the new Serpentina eyeshadow kit from Kat Von D! With names like Bloodmilk and Ankh, who could resist? This is my whole collection of Kat Von D makeup so far. The lipsticks from left to right are Slayer, Vampira, and Gothica. I carry the Vampira in my purse because it's my go to shade. It's a nice dark red. The eyeshadow colour Doce matches the Gothica lipstick perfectly.  I'm in love with all the eyeshadows!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Everyday Outfit: 2 new dresses!

Here are two new dresses I made this week. The floral one is up for grabs on Etsy but I'm going to keep the hooded one. I thought this dress would be cute with a hood for fall. I might revise the hood a bit on the next dress but I'm pretty happy with it. Just in case you are interested in the velvet one there is a 20% coupon right now. Just use the code "autumnmoon".

Both of these dresses are twirl worthy for sure! 

Bat necklace by Eden Bachelder
Boots by Pleaser

Vintage Necklace 
Disco Boots by Doc Marten 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Everyday Outfit: 90s Style Updated

I'm sorry I haven't posted an everyday outfit in a long time now. I finished this dress a few weeks ago and I love it! It's the perfect dress for those early fall days when you want to wear boots and a sweater but it's still a little hot outside. When it gets cooler I can throw a shawl or jacket on over the top of the dress.

I don't normally wear florals but I do like this one. Maybe it's all the purple? I decided on a simple bell sleeved skater style for the dress because I thought it would be practical now and into the winter. I finished the outfit off with a big floppy hat, Docs, and a moon choker from Crypt of Curiosities 

I call it a 90s grunge dress because it's similar to all those velvet dresses that were so popular back then. Plus the combo of floral and Docs just screams 90s Seattle style to me. I'll just be off now listening to Nirvana or Soundgarden then. You know where to find me. Lost in the 90s.