Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Everyday Outfit: 2 new dresses!

Here are two new dresses I made this week. The floral one is up for grabs on Etsy but I'm going to keep the hooded one. I thought this dress would be cute with a hood for fall. I might revise the hood a bit on the next dress but I'm pretty happy with it. Just in case you are interested in the velvet one there is a 20% coupon right now. Just use the code "autumnmoon".

Both of these dresses are twirl worthy for sure! 

Bat necklace by Eden Bachelder
Boots by Pleaser

Vintage Necklace 
Disco Boots by Doc Marten 


  1. I love both especially the second one very simple but effective.

  2. Twirl worthy, ABSOLUTELY! I love the cut of these dresses. While I love the hooded dress, the first one is definitely my favorite. Is that a printed velvet?

  3. Thank you! Yes it is a printed velvet. I'm into the florals and velvets again lately. They are perfect for autumn layering. Maybe it's all the Buffy I've been watching lately? Hehe

    1. I LOVE printed velvet! Who knows, maybe it's because we at the end of August and it's getting close to Pumpkin Time?