Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kat Von D Serpentina Review

So I just couldn't resist picking up the new Serpentina eyeshadow kit from Kat Von D! With names like Bloodmilk and Ankh, who could resist? This is my whole collection of Kat Von D makeup so far. The lipsticks from left to right are Slayer, Vampira, and Gothica. I carry the Vampira in my purse because it's my go to shade. It's a nice dark red. The eyeshadow colour Doce matches the Gothica lipstick perfectly.  I'm in love with all the eyeshadows!


  1. I'm curious about the eye shadows as I wasn't impressed by the lipstick. The colours are great but they don't last long. How are the eye shadows?

  2. So far I've been happy with the eyeshadows. They go on easily and stay fresh most of the day. I wore it to a wedding all day and didn't have to refresh it.