Sunday, January 8, 2017

Death by Glitter Fashion Show

Well hello there! If I still have any followers out there! I know you probably think I fell off the face of the earth but actually I have just been extremely busy lately. And I would love to show you what I've been up to!

2016 has been a challenging year for me just like most people I know. It started out slow with building my online business on Etsy. I've have been steadily working on it though. This past November I had an opportunity to participate in an amazing Fashion Show with some very talented friends from That's My Drag . The theme was Glam Rock , David Bowie, and Velvet Goldmine. The more glitter the better!

I opted to show off some of my more advanced sewing skills by making some evening gowns that I ordinarily don't have the chance to make. I spent a lot of time and blood, sweat, and tears making these dresses!

My first model was the beautiful and talented Miss Ruby Moon. I wanted Ruby's dress to look like old Hollywood glam. The dress is made from a heavy satin with a sequin shelf bust and thigh high slit. I wanted to up the glitter quotient so I added an over skirt in sequin that Ruby can remove if she wants to. I also added a sweet little capelet in black velvet with sequin appliqué that matches the over skirt. It's a truly timeless and glamorous outfit.

My second model was the fabulous Sapphyre Poisone I went for a sexy androgenous look for Sapphyre. I made a very fitted long velvet dress with an ultra low cut neckline. I emphasized the neckline with handsewn crystals. I topped it with a 20s style cocoon coat in sparkle sequin.

My next model was the talented and gorgeous Athena McQueen. I went with a more gothic witchy look for Athena McQueen, I made a pretty dress with a hi-low hem out of a purple satin with black spiderweb lace overlay. However it was Athena's velvet coat that was the real show stopper. It was a full length coat made from crushed velvet and a corset back. I added feathered trim to the collar for a dramatic effect.

Last but certainly not least was the hostess of the show Victoria Parks in a long fitted velvet dress with a pretty romantic sequin top over it. Victoria has the most amazing taste in jewelry and accessories. And I was delighted when she did a special performance of Stevie Nick's song Stand Back!

And finally that leaves my dress. I've always wanted to make a princess dress so I did! this dress has three layers. Red Chiffon, black chiffon, and a lining in satin. I edged the sleeves in sequin trim for a bit of sparkle and then topped it off with a Stevie Nicks style shawl. You know I had to add a little bit of Stevie in there somewhere!

My make up was done professionally for the show. I love the swirls and the moon. It matched my outfit perfectly!  We had a lot of fun that evening with loads of talented designers and performers. The show was a huge success for everyone involved!


  1. Those dresses are absolutely amazing, Mary, and I can only imagine what a pain it was to sew all those glittery fabrics and sequins! I'm glad you had a good time, and it really was the perfect opportunity to show off your skills. I hope you get to do it again next year! PS love your makeup. A lot. <3

    1. thanks so much! The sequin fabric wasn't as bad as you would think. I used a denim needle and a longer stitch and worked out easier than I hoped for. :)