Thursday, March 9, 2017

March update! Lots of Everyday Outfits!

So life has been hectic for me once again! I've been sewing constantly and trying to stay on top of keeping stock in my Etsy store along with some custom orders. I've been out to the Drag Shows lately with friends which is always fun. I've just finished a year long metaphysical course called The Great Work.I just started a new YouTube channel talking about witchy and pagan topics. And I won a donut from Tim Hortons roll up the rim to win! Woo-Hoo!

There has been a lot of talk in the online metaphysical and pagan communities right now about the major shift in energy recently. It's like the universal energy is suddenly more focused on moving forward in a positive direction! If you aren't feeling this movement right now then I would suggest taking a break from all the negative media for a bit. Because trust me it's there! And we have a full moon in Virgo coming up this week. It's a perfect time to be motivated and get things done. Organizing and planning should come easy with this full moon.

It's been a while since I posted some everyday outfit photos so I have quite a few for you!
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Bats top by HellBunny
Skirt is memade
Boots by Goth Pikes

Dress by Killstar
Boots by Goth Pikes
Vintage Rosary

Sweater by Hellbunny
Tee by Tee Villian
skirt is memade

Sweater by Jaw Breaker
Dress by Sourpuss
Townshoes Peep Toes

Dress by Spin Doctor

Boot Bat Wings by Black Orchid Designs

Dress by Spin Doctor
Harness by Dark Den Designs
Corset and Shoes by Miss E

Totally rad big 80s hair by me.

Awesome Sparlky Shoes by Miss E