Monday, May 1, 2017

Tarot Blog Hop 2017

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Happy Beltaine Everyone!

Welcome to my Blog! If you have found yourself here by way of the Tarot Blog Hop hosted by the lovely Arwen Lynch Poe then thank you for participating in the Beltaine Tarot Hop! Please check out the master list in order to find some new and amazing blogs to follow!

This year's Tarot Blog Hop topic is about other types of divination that you might use in conjunction with Tarot. Tarot is my preferred type of divination but I do like to mix Tarot and Oracle cards on a regular basis. For the past year at least I have also been pulling a daily oracle card as well as Tarot.

I keep a daily journal on Tarot just for my own reference. I pull three Tarot cards for Mind, Body, and Spirit. I then record what I pulled that day in the journal so I can see what sort of patterns appear over time. Doing this daily can give you a better overview of what's going on in your life. You start to see that you pull the same card often and after a while you'll see that certain cards will appear when major life events happen. Keeping track will help you to realize that certain cards will have personal messages specifically for you.

The Tarot journal I've used for the last few years was an ordinary 3-ring binder. Certainly effective, but really boring! I mean really... Who was ever going to see this binder other than myself? What does it matter? Well guess what! Here I am writing a blog post and considering a YT video about it as well. So I guess with that in mind, loads of people are going to see my boring little binder! Ha! 

So I decided I needed to spruce things up a little by creating a new journal. I needed my new binder to be practical as well as cute. I decided practically speaking that a typical spiral notebook works the best. Even though ordinary spiral notebooks can be inexpensive and practical they tend to be a little boring again! So I came up with a solution to sprucing up my hum-drum little book without breaking the bank. 

I made a cute little quilted cover for my spiral notebooks! This way I can just pop a new one when I have filled up a notebook. I used up some left over scraps from a Halloween quilt I made previously for the cover and some plain purple broadcloth on the inside. Cheep and cheerful!

For this post I am showing off a newer Tarot deck of mine The Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake, I absolutely love the witchy artwork in this deck. I think it's the same artist that did the Green Witch Tarot which is another favourite of mine. And I am also pulling an oracle card from The Vintage Wisdom Oracle Deck to mix things up a bit. These have been my go to decks right now!

I've pulled my three tarot cards for the day...

Body-Five of Cups (R)
Spirit- The Fool (R)

And one Oracle card... Freedom

Which I would take to mean that I have some new opportunities coming right now and I shouldn't hesitate to make a change.

As for Beltaine this year, I am planning on setting up a nice altar tomorrow and doing my own thing since I missed both events I could have gone to locally. It just wasn't in the cards this year for me. So I missed both of them. I did however get out to the market this year with friends where I found a new cauldron for my collection!

I wasn't going for Mary Poppins honestly! But I think I achieved her look anyway.

Dress and purse- Made by me
hat-decorated by myself

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