Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Marilyn Top

My latest fashion inspiration seems to be the 50s and 60s. I was very inspired watching the latest retro show called Mrs Maisel. Her character is always dressed very fashionably in the classic 50s style. from fit and flair dresses to swing coats.

I love wearing this style of fashion in the spring and summer but I seem to resort back to my old faithful of Goth Sacks when the snow starts to fly. This year I decided to make some basic retro pieces to last through out all the seasons.
I started with a classic style from that era. The tie front top or dress. Marilyn Monroe wore a hot pink dress in Niagara. It’s one of her most iconic dresses And it’s timeless! 

As much as I love the original on Marilyn, I wanted to make a more modern and wearable version. So I designed a tee shirt style top with a full back and tie front top. I wanted the back covered so it covered a bra strap. I can make them with 3 different sleeve options, but I think 3/4 sleeve is my favourite one. The top is slightly below the waist but not too long and the ties are a nice size as well.

I’ve perfected the pattern now and have several versions up for sale in the shop!

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